Trending Movies Streaming on aha

Trending Movies Streaming on aha


Telugu cinema lately has become quite the rage. With more and more people watching, they have become one of the most popular movies streaming online on aha ott platform. 


While there are critics of Telugu cinema citing reasons that they are over the top, nobody can deny that they pack an extra punch which everyone loves. 


Streaming services like aha allow you to watch Telugu movies anywhere and anytime. Just click on the movie and enjoy your daily dose of entertainment. 


Now let us see which the trending movies are streaming on aha that you should definitely watch! 


1- Odela Railway Station (2021)

This movie is set in a village named Odela. Something unusual is happening in this village; there are multiple ritual killings in a row. Nobody knows who is behind this. Will IPS Officer Anudeep be able to uncover the truth, or will it be a mystery? Tune in to find out. 


2- Pakka Commercial (2022)

This story is about Lucky, a frugal lawyer who is always cross with his father, a sincere ex-judge. In a series of events, his father learns of Luckys greed for money and decides to teach him a lesson and plans a comeback. How will the father-son battle end? Will the father teach Lucky a lesson, finally? 


3- Sammathame (2022)

This story is about Krishna, a man who doesn’t believe in the concept of love. But his dream is to marry someone who can care for him as his late mother did. Enters Saanvi, whom Krishna decides to marry. But Saanvi has a past that can change both of their lives. What will Krishna do after discovering the truth about Saanvi’s past relationship? 


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