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Condo Interior Design: Process Where Art And Science Step Together Inch By Inch

Interior designing is a well-balanced mixture of art and science where art and science are used in such a way to make spaces more pleasant, aesthetically appealing, healthier, comfortable, and functional.

What is the heart and soul of the process?

Space is a nucleus of condo interior design and interior designing should revolve around space. It is all about how a user experiences space and how to make that space greatly enhanced to be experienced by a user. As per physiology, the spaces in which we live or we spend most of our time indoors directly affects our mood, how we feel, our emotions, and are connected to our memories.

What goes into the process?

Is it just decorating the space by placing items to make it aesthetically appealing? No… this process includes sequence of steps from creating mind maps to executing the design process and providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing space to the client. To achieve such effective space lots of work and effort goes into this process and understanding the space and knowing the design process makes this smoother.

condo interior design

What is an interior designing career?

It is one of the highest growing industries which need more and more designers to fulfill the expectations of clients in the coming years. So, choosing this field as a career is going to be a challenging yet incredibly worthy decision. As this career has a vast scope and diverse features it provides you with so many sectors to work in such as textile designer, kitchen designer, lighting designer, furniture designer, production designer, and many more.

Why do art and science need to be well balanced in interior designing?

When we use the term interior design, we mean design not only decor. So, every time we talk about interior design, we give equal importance to both art and science. It is like an interior designer can decorate but an interior decorator cannot design. Interior decorators decorate places using some decorative elements but interior designers have to work on planning, research, scaling, and proportion as per the space. They have the skills to work with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and safety teams to design accordingly and should be capable of designing an attractive, comfortable, workable, and functional space with all the specifications which clients expect from an interior designer.