The Incredible Benefits of Whiskey:

The Incredible Benefits of Whiskey:

There are many things but certainly cereal and water are two elements of nature that make this distillate unique. Barley is a digestive, nerve tonic, hepatic drainage, indicated in cases of demineralization, atony, we also talked about the previous article on naturopathic nutrition. The Scottish climate is a natural selective agent. The bitter cold hinders many plant parasites allowing it not to use pesticide chemicals variety of whisky available online.

The biorhythm also affects the product, for example the hours of light and etheric frequency that hit the cereal are different for the length of the day, and this concentrates the flavor in a better way.

variety of whisky available online

Scottish barley has a greater amount of starch which is a basic chemical compound for fermentation, therefore more starch more yield of alcohol. The proteins are 1.5%, high germination energy, complete germination degree, higher degree of ripeness. The varieties of barley suitable for making whiskey are: Bold John Barleycorn, Chariot, Derkado, Hlcyon, Delibes.

We remember as explained in the previous article on naturopathic nutrition that cereals and in particular these varieties of barley are part of the foods called superior with a vibration above 6500 A, therefore rich in living strength and prana.

This is due to the fact that it inhibits the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins, so it also reduces blood clots. It also provides some phenolic antioxidant molecules. Contains ethinol so it causes the brain neurons to work optimally, reduces stress and calms the nerves, and is free of fat and cholesterol. All this is still being studied to better understand its function on psychophysical well-being.