Confinement Meal Malay Style...

Confinement Meal Malay Style…


The confinement period is an important time for every woman. Some women would like to eat certain food while they are in confinement. However, some of them will be confined to the house and not allowed to go out of the house. What should they do? The best choice is to opt for the confinement food Malay style at home and enjoy it with their family members.

What is Malay-style confinement food?

The confinement period of a woman in Malaysian tradition lasts for 44 days. Confinement food Malay style focuses on feeding the mother with warm and hot food and avoiding cooling food. They also drink ‘Jamu,’ which is thought to keep the body warm and reduce the number of open body pores caused by labor.

New moms follow the following practices

After having birth, a woman is more susceptible to colds and flu. As a result, they have developed various rituals to keep themselves warm while still ensuring the health of their baby:

  • It’s important to keep both the mother and the baby warm, therefore it’s best to stick to a diet that doesn’t include any cooling foods.
  • Women who go through c-section surgery, need to be very conscious about the stitches and their diet as their bodies can’t digest much heavy and greasy food.
  • The Diet of a new mom directly affects the health of their infant, hence it should be kept in mind not to consume anything bad for the baby’s health.

When you have a baby, you will have to think about many things. Among them is the proper diet for your sweet little one. There are many ways in which babies can be fed. However, it is important to choose an option that is both healthy and delicious! Make sure to opt for the best Malay-style confinement food recipes that you can prepare at home to make sure your baby has a healthy start in life!

To wrap things up!

Confinement food Malay style is usually a feast for the family and will not just be enjoyed by the mother-to-be. A confinement meal consists of a variety of dishes, with dishes ranging from savory to sweet. Confinement food can be difficult to prepare, but with the appropriate tips and tactics, you’ll be able to prepare your confinement meal in no time. There are many different confinement foods that you can make to provide your loved ones with good nutrition. Hope this would’ve helped!