best cake in Singapore

Looking for the best cake in Singapore?

You can discover delectable cakes baked especially for you and your loved ones at BOB The Baker Boy. Customize your cake or choose from more than 400 well liked designs. Some claim that they are Singapore’s best cake shop since they have the highest ratings on Google and Facebook. They also deliver. Singapore’s top expert in healthy custom cakes is Bob the Baker Boy. They take pride in employing chiffon cake layers that are light and moist and lower in sugar than typical customised cakes. Their cakes are suitable for diabetics ; they are welcome to eat them in moderation. They employ Muslims, do not use pork or fat, and use Halal certified ingredients, but they have not yet received a Halal certification. Unless the cake requests for gold painting or alcohol bottles as decor , they normally do not utilise alcohol in any of our cakes (they will throw the alcohol in the bottle away). If it’s necessary for the bakery where you are ordering the cakes to be halal certified, they can at least provide a list of the ingredients they use, if that’s any assistance. Their bestseller is Belgian chocolate cake.

Different Cake Flavours For Your Big Day

Different Cake Flavours For Your Big Day :

They have a lots of variety of flavoured cakes such as Apple Cinnamon Cake : This autumn, it’s coming in hot, sweet, and spicy ! This cake will provide the ideal sweater weather.The finest fall cake you will ever taste is made with a soft vanilla sponge, homemade cooked apple cinnamon filling, and brown butter chantilly, Cookies and Cream Overload Cake : When you can have cake and cookies together , why pick just one ? This Cookies and Cream Cake is made up of layers of fresh cream cheese, their famous chocolate cake, and plenty of crushed cookies that have been blended right in. It is the cake of every child’s dreams! Then they have Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cake. Who doesn’t enjoy salted caramel, after all ? Made with our famous chocolate cake, replete with salty caramel on each layer and crispy Valhorna chocolate balls. The balance between sweet and savoury is ideal. All of their cakes have been made less sweet, however due to the small amount of refined sugar added, their Signature 55% Belgian Chocolate Cake and Light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake flavours are best for diabetics.